Honesty, Attention to Detail, Communication, and Follow Up

Dave and Emily Fournier // Austin, TX

Honesty, Attention to Detail, Communication, and Follow up are to me four essential characteristics that I want in a custom home builder and Becky Fuller Homes has them all. We started a custom home with another builder and the project stalled halfway through the process. We interviewed several builders to take over the project and after seeing some of the homes she completed, decided to hire Becky. On the first day, she showed up with her entire team, reviewed where we were in the process with all of the subcontractors (both physically and financially) and then interviewed them all. After consulting with my wife and I, Becky's team made a recommendation that we proceed with some subs and cut our losses with others. Her team was at the site daily working to correct what was already completed and moving forward on the build. Becky provided us with continuous updates, all the while seeking our input on options she presented to us, not assuming she knew what was best. Not only did she complete the build on the timetable she initially laid out, to this day she continues to follow up, addressing issues that she is not obligated to warranty, but that she feels is the right thing to do. Not only would I hire Becky again, I would highly recommend Becky Fuller Homes to anyone looking to do a custom build.